Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brillo Radio 09 (15/06/09)

Brillo Weekly radioshow se transmite todos los lunes a las 21:00 (hora del Pacífico) 23:00 (centro) por Radioglobal.org


Mike Oldfield - In High Places
Nuuro - Seagull Song
Tonolec - Ishypiolec
Rainbow Arabia - Harlem Sunrise
SND - 14
LO MOda - Independent Dance Party
John Maus - Through The Skies For You
John Maus - It Takes Time
Penetración Cósmica - Penetración Cósmica
The Dø - Tammie
Those Bastard Souls - Good Luck Split Town Today
Pixies - I've Been Tired
Maribel - Deflowers
Bird Names - I Had a Girl
Elaine - Over It (Not)
Te Mueres - Tengo tu alma
Pan•American - How Much Progress One Makes
XYX - Microvibraciones (Radio edit by Penetración Cósmica)
Los Macuanos - Alma
Touty & Absa Cora Group - Day Fink (fragmento)
Los Amparito - Por medio de la lectura
Maniqui Lazer - Indian Gold
Black Eyes - Days Turns Night
Black Pus - Cut Off The Face Plant
Le Jonathan Reilly - Incitatus
Christmas Island - Morning Sunshine (Idle Race)
Jacuzzi Boys - The Countess
The Xx's - VCR
Women - Cameras
Gay Against You - Wall Wizzards
Subway - Xam
Sleeps in Oysters - No Time Like the Spiders, part I
Rainbow Arabia - I Know I See I Love I Go

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